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Termite Control

Advanced termite control services from our experts in Central Kentucky

For termite control, we offer free estimates. When you call, we will schedule a time to have a well experienced service technician come to your home, do an extensive inspection of the property, assess any visible evidence of termites, and explain all necessary treatment procedures to control the termite problem. 
There is no cost or obligation for this inspection.
We also perform wood destroying inspections for real estate closings. We are usually able to provide a 48 hour turn around for scheduling inspections. Most lending institutions require a wood destroying inspection report before the closing. Ask your lending agent how old the inspection paperwork can be before it is no longer acceptable. Most require an inspection report to be 30 days old or less. There is a service fee for any inspections requiring the necessary paperwork for closing. 

Termite guarantee

Termite and other Wood Destroying Infestation treatments come with an optional 5 year warranty and service agreement. A yearly service and inspection maintenance fee is required to keep these warranties on your property.
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